NYC Lovin’

by Courtney on February 24, 2010

Last week I catapulted myself out of my mountain nook and into the big city. I hung with some of my favorite peeps ever, ate incredible food, and most importantly, laughed till I cried. Here is a photo montage of our adventures.

Below: Myself and my good friend Heather Pace. Heather makes some of the best raw chocolate treats I have tried, and her “turtles” are particularly famous.

A strawberry/cherry/lime cheesecake that Heathy and I made, Heather’s original recipe.
Philip McCluskey, Ben Tseitlin, who also makes incredible fudge-like chocolate, and Dhrumil Purohit of The Clean Program and, and myself, at Quintessence.
Quintessence’s sweet crepe and bagels – the bagels are my fave!

Me enthusiastic about the raw vegan treats displayed in the cases at One Lucky Duck. Wouldn’t you be? THIS is raw freaking vegan, people.

Why yes, I would love to get younger and feel fantastic and look sexy by eating delicious morsels of mother earth godliness such as yourselves.
Philip at One Lucky Duck
Alejandro Junger, M.D. of the Clean Program giving a talk at the Live Live shop
My dinner at Pure Food and Wine – Tamales! They were fantastic :)
The ‘Classic Sundae’ from Pure Food and Wine
From left: Ben, Philip, Heathy, myself and Dhrumil outside Pure Food and Wine

Photos by Heathy Pace and Dhrumil Purohit


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