Juice Feast – Days 5 and 6

by Courtney on March 1, 2010

Spirulina. I sometimes put it in my juices, and so often have cravings for it so I just eat little spoonfuls of it straight! It’s alright, for now at least, since I’m choosing to be active and likely need it to really give it my all in P90x. I’ll have to feel how things progress, though, because spirulina does slow down the detoxification process. I just desire it so much! All the time! What is this all about?? ;)

Tonight I also did my first P90x workout since I left for NYC, and it’s taken a while to recover from getting sick. I was pleased to discover that I had just as much energy and strength as I did when eating. Last night’s workout was essentially tons of pushups, and my numbers compared to recent weeks when I was eating normally.

On Day 5 I had:

36 oz. orange/grapefruit juice
32 oz. garden-grown spinach/cucumber/celery/apple juice
1 cup tea with stevia
18 oz. coconut water with Vitamineral Green
spoonfuls spirulina

Total: 90 oz.

On Day 6 I had:

32 oz. orange/grapefruit juice with Vitamineral Green
16 oz. reishi/rehmannia/cordyceps/goji tea with stevia
32 oz. super green juice! Greens/cucumber/celery/lemon
spoonfuls spirulina
32 oz. apple/red bell pepper/carrot juice
14 oz. garden-grown spinach/cucumber/celery/apple juice

Total: 126 oz.

I love the smell of red bell peppers. Usually that means my body wants something in it, although I’m not quite sure what. Anyways, that last juice had tons of red bell pepper and was fantastic.

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