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by Courtney on April 24, 2010

I want to share an amazing experience I just had about 15 minutes ago. We had a closing circle for our 21 day programs at the Tree of Life: Reversing Diabetes Naturally and Transformation programs. Normally I don’t talk too much about the Tree of Life’s stuff on my own personal blog and I keep it to the official Tree of Life blog, but I was so touched by what the participants shared that I wanted to write to you about it.

The circle started off with the sharing of one of our most enthusiastic and positive participants, a man who had Type 2 diabetes when he came and was on 500 units of insulin that he was taking with an insulin pump, and had lots of excess weight. In his three weeks here, he has lost 50 lbs, he has come off all his insulin and other medications, and his blood sugar reading this morning was 92. This man has completely reversed his diabetes. However, what he emphasized was that although the reversing of diabetes was great, it was nothing compared to the clarity and inspiration he gained to return to his life and live more fully and inspire those around him.

Our next participant to talk was a woman who came because she was a cancer survivor and she wanted to get thoroughly cleansed and detoxified to kick start a healthy lifestyle to ensure she never had to come up against it again. When she arrived to the Tree of Life, she found out upon testing that she was also pre-diabetic. She was initially shocked, but luckily, was in the right place! She is now no longer in the pre-diabetic zone, her blood sugars are normal. She explained that when she came here, she felt like a fragmented person, not fully connected to herself. She now feels that she is a whole person and is excited to go share her wholeness and inner satisfaction.

Our next participant came for the Reversing Diabetes Naturally program. I have to follow up and see exactly what her final results physically were, because her sharing did not focus on that at all. She shared that finding again a sense of spiritual connectedness which she had as a child and lost somewhere along the way, was back and it was opening up her whole life and inspiring her on every level.

Our next guest came for our Transformation program, and also discovered upon arriving that she was pre-diabetic. In her time here, she has returned to normal blood sugar levels. She had been on blood pressure medications for 10 years and is off all of them, and was showing signs of breast cancer prior to coming, and has now addressed that as well.

Next, another of our Transformation participants. She said that she came just because she was feeling lost in her life and needed a re-set, and has found that, and she now feels completely clear on the direction she wants to take in the next phase of her life.

Our next participant, a previously Type 2 diabetic, shared that yes, while he also completely reversed his diabetes, what he gained most was spiritual inspiration. He shared that he had no interest in spiritual life prior to coming, and that he didn’t realize until he had a spiritual awakening and heart opening here, that it was exactly what he had been looking for for years, and didn’t even know he was looking for it.

Our next Transformation participant joked that he almost turned around to go back home on the taxi ride here upon learning that enemas were part of the deal. He shared, however, that he came because he desired the physical energy, clarity, and inspiration to enter what he called ‘the last third of my life’ in way he needed to, and that he feels completely ready now to do what he has known he needed to.

Our next participant shared that she came not so much for herself, but to support her friend, but was completely surprised at how much transformation she has experienced and knowledge she has gained. She shared that she was a sugar addict prior and has kicked that habit while being here.

Next, the friend of the previous guest, shared that she was also a sugar addict and has gotten over her cravings, but more importantly, has realized that her incredibly stressful lifestyle of running three businesses was wearing down on her health and happiness, and that being here has made her realize what she needs to prioritize, what she needs to let go, and what her true dharma is.

All of our participants shared similar experiences such as the unexpected, deep friendships they have gained in the fellow participants and the staff, and the inspiration they gained from not only their own story and their own healing, but being a part of eachothers’ healing and inspiring eachother to keep going. They also all reported they had not necessarily come because they had any interest in personal growth or spiritual growth, and were all surprised to find out how key of a factor it was for them.

Now, I don’t share all this to make a plug for the Tree of Life. I share it because I want to inspire you, where you are, in what ever situation you are in, to recognize that you can heal yourself, and that what we call miracles, are possible. I realize this in a deeper way for myself every time I see transformations like this. I have been eating raw food for 4.5 years, yet I am continually inspired on my own journey by the courage and transformation of people who come here that are often completely new to this. I hope also to inspire you, as I have been inspired today, to remember that every little thing we do counts, and that we have tremendous power to inspire, educate and share with others, and that the result of that can be incredible for those who are ready to receive it.

These testimonials are not testimonials necessarily for the Tree of Life programs, they are testimonials for what is possible. They are testimonials for the power of food, community, education, and spiritual inspiration.

Eating well works. Community works. Spiritual connectedness works.

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