Weddings, Siblings, and Raw Food

by Courtney on June 3, 2010

Hello lovelies! My apologies for the delay in postings; I have been on a wonderful trip on the east coast for the last week. My dad got married in Pennsylvania, and then I ventured to New York City with my brothers.

I have very few pictures to share with you (sorry), but should have more coming to me that others took while I was there. Here was one of my favorites, though. My little brother decided to wear this shirt on the day of wedding rehearsals:

After the wedding, we went up to New York City. They got to try some wonderful raw vegan cuisine, including Pure Food and Wine, and some Blackbird Naturals Truffles made by my good friend Anthony Anderson. They loved it all. That’s how to get people hooked on raw food initially… desserts ;)

I definitely had a skin eruption due to some different dietary choices and my theory, also, is was the air in NYC and the air in the airplanes. My skin is always extremely normal and rarely breaks out, and if it does, it might be one small pimple. After getting home from this trip, though, I had a good four or five honkers. It’s been years since that has happened, since before going vegan. Dietarily, I had some grilled vegetables, something I normally don’t eat. My family actually had a special vegan dish made for me at the wedding, which was grilled vegetables, and so I chose to enjoy them with gratitude :) My theory is my reaction was due to a combo of all these things, but it’s definitely a good reminder that I have to be more mindful in the future, because my body has gotten to a point where it will react to choices that area a downgrade from my normal practices.

Now, I’m back to the majestic mountains of Patagonia, and have enjoyed an hour infrared sauna every day since, during which time I’ve sloughed off a lot of extra skin. Daily green juice is back in the hizz-ouse, as is sunbathing and wheatgrass. Mmmmm…


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