Gnosis’ Sacred Feminine Chocolate Bar

by Courtney on September 13, 2010

Recently, Vanessa of Gnosis Chocolates posted a contest for her flavor of raw vegan chocolate bar, the Sacred Feminine. The contest was to suggest a quote about the sacred feminine to put on the bar. I submitted one… and I won!

Vanessa, that sweet lady, sent me a couple bars of the new Sacred Feminine chocolate bar, and WOW – are they delicious. I shared them with some friends who were equally impressed. Just the right amount of sweetness and other flavors to make a very unique tasting chocolate. And tons of medicinal ingredients too, which always is key for me!

Gnosis Chocolates are now available in most Whole Foods (including out here in the west!) and many local co-ops as well. Look for them!

The quote I submitted! Click the picture if you need it made bigger to read it.

Me enjoying the chocolate on my porch. YUM~!

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