Parsley Punch Green Juice: A Radical Radiance Recipe

by Courtney on October 16, 2013


Hello again, friends! I woke up to a sunny autumn morning and had the joy of getting some new plants for my home. Included is a new plant I’ve never had called a Goldfish, which I’m utterly in love with. As in, I think it’s so pretty I coo at it when I walk by. It is a great morning to make a delicious green juice and share the recipe with you!

I love parsley and cilantro – my two favorite greens – and so tend to make a lot of juice for myself with these in it. Today’s hero is parsley, and I mean, how can we not love parsley? It’s full of antioxidants, has lots of Vitamin C and A, and much more. So, here ya go!

Parsley Punch Green Juice Recipe


Makes about 24 oz. of juice depending on your juicer


1 whole medium parsley bunch (you can juice stems, too!)

1 large cucumber

3 tall stalks celery

1 apple (you can use any; I used Fiji for this recipe)

1/3 lemon, peeled

Juice and enjoy! If you’re using the Vitamix/nut mylk bag method of making juice, add 1 cup water before blending, and then strain.

Mmmm delicious!


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