60 Day Juice Feast – Day 36

by Courtney on November 21, 2007

Today’s Feast, in order of consumption:

1/3 TBS coconut oil
1/2 TBS bee pollen
16 oz. green juice w/ lemon, ginger, cayenne, turmeric and salt
28 oz. spinach/apple/carrot juice w/ 1/2 TBS MSM and 1/2 TBS Nature’s First Food

22 oz. green juice w/ lemon, gingner, cayenne, turmeric and salt
2 TBS honey
30 oz. spinach/pear/apple/grape juice w/ spirulina
1 TBS Max Stress B
1 dropper Marine Phytoplankton
20 oz. spinahc/pear/apple/grape juice w/ spirulina

Today was an interesting day… I started out the day with no enthusiasm for juice whatsoever, and so I practically water fasted for the first part of the day. That marine phytoplankton stuff is STRONG. Wow. I can feel super powerful effects immediately – you just taste this stuff and know it’s got it going on… I feel clarity and centering, and a lot of nutritional satisfaction from it.
A question from a reader:

When you said GREEN juice what are you drinking with the lemon and cayenne?

Hi, good question! I mentioned this right at the beginning of this blog, but I’ll recap: The ‘green juices’ are ones I get from the Tree of Life Cafe, and they’re always different every day. I never know quite what is in them, but its a base of cucumber and celery and then some greens (varying). I then add ginger and lemon juice, and powdered cayenne and turmeric.

I didn’t take my blood sugar this morning, oops. I don’t know that I necessarily need to do the 10 days in a row though, as we’ve determined I don’t have a blood sugar problem, its just better not to do too much fruit juice.

With joy,

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