Desert Holidays & Dance

by Courtney on December 5, 2008

A FANTASTIC FRIDAY to YOU, my fieldly friends ;)

I hope everyone’s holiday season is going great! It’s odd being in the desert for Christmas. Up until the past two Christmases, I’d always lived in places that were snowy and very Christmas-y. I remember as a child marveling at people who lived in the desert and didn’t get to experience white Christmases.. ‘That’s not even CHRISTMAS!! They’re missing out on LIFE!” And here I am… nonetheless, though, I am humming carols, however out of place it is to do so..

This week has held many great things, including a raw homemade banana cream pie, a VivaPura get together, walking under the stars, and daaaaaaaancing!!

That dancing.. as I’ve briefly outlined before, I take a ‘Middle Eastern Dancing’ class once per week. The teacher is a very, very talented dancer, one of our very own Tree of Life massage therapists. Dancing is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite forms of physical activity and expression. This kind of dancing challenges muscles I don’t normally use, and so I am greatly enjoying the opening and sculpting experience! After each class, it feels like nearly every muscle in my torso is sore – back, sides, front.. everything.

Happy Holidays from the Desert!!


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