Peachy Kale Green Smoothie: A Radical Radiance Recipe

by Courtney on October 8, 2013


Clearly I am enthusiastic about juice: I coach juice cleansing! However, I do love myself a good green smoothie when I’m not cleansing. This recipe is great if you want a light smoothie that makes you feel energized and alkalized without feeling heavy in your tummy. I often have green smoothies pre- and post- workout. This morning, though, it was my breakfast!

Part of the Transition Phase from a juice cleanse back into food includes non-fat green smoothies, and so this recipe is great for that purpose, too!

Peachy Kale Green Smoothie Ingredients (2 servings):

6 large curly kale leaves, stems removed

12 thin frozen peach slices

3/4 medium banana (frozen or fresh)

2/3 apple

10 drops Sweetleaf Clear Stevia (more as needed; try 10 and blend everything, taste and add more by 1 drop each to desired sweetness)

3/4 cup water (add more if needed for desired consistency)

Blend on high speed and enjoy, you radically radiant one!



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